My journey video editing tutorial

My journey video editing is it most important to understand. Friends, I will tell you, you understand. When you guys do one such video editing of yours. The one who has such a photo from childhood to old age is called that. See Simble for editing, you should know a little bit of editing. If you know editing. So it’s a very good thing.

My journey video editing

Friends, everyone gets photographs taken in their childhood. If you have clicked, you will also have it. If you belong to the old era, in which there was no mobile. Even then people used to click photos with the camera. What used to happen then? At that time you did not have a camera. At that time you had to click photos in the studio. Then after a few days they used to give your photo. Friends, if you were told at that time that Urgent Photo is required. So it could not have happened then.  but the time As it progressed. Everything kept changing. Sometimes you used to yearn for black-white photos. And see today you can easily make colorful photos. That is why it is said that there is no delay in changing the time. Look, it is not that the studios have closed down. It is not like that at all. Still people go to the studio. The only difference for the photo is that today only passport size photo is taken. And used to go for the first. Used to go for family photos.

How to make My journey video editing

Well, all this has happened, now we know this photo. How is it made? Friends, you can use two applications to make this. Here you can make one Capcut and the other Noizz App with the help of both of them. If there is a problem in making both the same. So make the second one because you will definitely like one of the two. You can make it with anyone, let’s know.

My journey video editing
My journey video editing

Step 1 :-

Friends, the first thing to make from Noizz App is to download it from playstore. After that you have to open it. Now here as you will open. There are already many templates available here. After that you will get the search option at the top. You have to search from that. You will search by writing like my journey. That’s where you will get this template. Now simply click on it and use it. Like you will click on Use. ad will show you simply click on it and select the photo, now your video will be ready here.

Talking ai avatar video editing

Step 2 :-

There if you want to make it from caput, then simply open it, go to New project and add all the photos, whatever is the photo from childhood to old age, after that you have the option of Plus in the middle of the photo. Everyone has to take animation according to their age. Then do you want to play the video, your video will be ready.’

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