Kinemaster video editing steps | How to do video editing

Friends, you probably do not know how important Kinemaster video editing steps is at today’s time. Without editing you cannot stand anywhere. Like how important it has become to speak English in today’s time. All of you would know that. If not, then travel anywhere, then you all will know. By the way, without video editing, you will not be able to live anywhere. Nowadays everyone makes Reel or shorts. And a little bit of editing should be known for them. If you know editing.

Kinemaster video editing steps

So in today’s time you can also earn. This is also the business of many people. Let me give you an idea. Look what some people do. First learn editing yourself. Then they open a small shop and sit down. They keep 3-4 boys with them. Now understand how they would be benefited. Look, those who are customers, they will give to them. Let’s say if a banner has to be made, then they take 500. And give 100 in this. The one they have kept. Just like that they have 4 people. So the daily earning was 1600rs.

Now you can comfortably earn 30-40 thousand per month. You don’t need to do anything and get others to work for 30-40k a month. So that’s why video editing is important.

Step 1 – What do you do in video editing, look simple, it is known by the name itself. In photo editing, we do photo editing. Video editing of dead video. But in video editing, a video with a photo comes. In that, a video is made by adding animation to your photo. So you can do all this with any template. but a proffesional video. You will need a professional app. For example, Kime takes the master only. If you are a mobile editor. Use your kinemaster. In which you can easily edit your video. Let’s start if you have just started editing. So you use it, you will get a very good result.

Kinemaster video editing steps
Kinemaster video editing steps

How to use

Step 1 – To use this application, all of you download it. Now don’t ask from where to download it! Hey friend, let me tell you, just go to playstore. Search the same kinemaster, you will get the application. Now what do you do, just install. If you open the install, you may be asked to take a subscription. You skip it. Go to your New project and select Video, only then it will ask this format before that.

Step 2 – You have seen 3-4 of these. 16:9, 9:6 whatever type you need. You select it and take the ratio of 9:16 for Shorts and 16:9 for Youtube. Then move forward. Your video has come on the timeline. This is how you will do all the things. Here you will find Media, layer, Audio, Record keys in a circle.
option will appear. Whatever editing you want to do on your video from Simple, this is it.

Imortant things

Can do with If you want to add a clip or effect to the video. You will get everything in the option with Simple Layers. You get the Record option to record. someone in the main timeline
Video has to be added. So media people
Go to Options. photo from there
Select video. just stay
Went. Audio option up there from one
Songs or any Recorded Audio
 Can add.

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