Capcut 4K Video Editing | How to edit 4k video in capcut

Capcut 4K Video Editing – Want to learn video editing in 4k, no one will tell you this trick, I am telling you. Understand why I am telling this, see if you have come to our article, then I can do this much for you. Friends, in today’s article you will learn. 4k video editing. This is one such trick. Which no one shares. I told you If you also want to do 4k video editing. Then you will need an application. Whose name is capcut. You can download it from our website.

Mobile Journey

Look, it is not that all people have dslr. Even now there are many people who think of food, then where will their Dslr come from. Some people do not even have mobile. Then from where will they be able to do 4k video editing. But it is not like that in today’s era, even if one does not have food, but mobile is definitely needed. Earlier simple mobile used to come. Which people used to call plain mobile. But people used to keep it less because it only had the system of phone coming and going. But time passed and the time came for Android Phone. And since the camera came in it then what was there. The mind of the people was covered. Those who did not have food, they also started buying mobiles by taking loans. Now-a-days almost all the people have mobile.

A.i In capcut app

Friends, whatever kind of phone you have, whose camera is not correct or there is any problem. Just record the video properly, now if you have recorded the video, then understand that your work is almost done. Look simple here you install Capcut. Friends Capcut is one of the best Video editing app. Just one more new option will come in it, what will happen to A.1 Endance? Which you have taken video from low quality camera.To him A.I. With the help of Inhance will be done. What will happen after that? Which is your video. Its quality will improve Now you have to add your video to Capcut. How to do it? Let me tell you now.

How To Add Video in capcut application ?

You will get the option of New project as soon as you install and open it. Have to click on it. Then you will see all your videos. Whoever has to convert in 4k. Simply click on it and add it. You will get all the editing options as soon as you add it. Which option do you have to use here? It is very important for you to know that. Now we start our editing.

Capcut 4K Video Editing
Capcut 4K Video Editing

How to edit Capcut 4K Video Editing

Now simple to edit it like now you have added the video. There you will get an effect option. Simple clicking on the option with effect to you. Now as you click on the effect option. There you will get two options. One will get face effect and the other will get video effect. What you have to do with a simple video. Clicking on video effect and as you will click on video effect. Here you will get many options. On the top side you will get a lens option. Simply clicking on it will give you many effects. Look what you have to do here. You get a soft effect from simple. You have to apply it, see below, there you will get the effect. Select it and its opacity. You have to keep that 30.

Step2 – Now after applying here, we have to come in effect again. And go to the same lens you will find it here. Simply select that smart sharpen. After that, you have to make the below two options 0-0. And sgarpen ko aap ko full kar dena hai ab dekho where all the things have been done then your video is completed and editing is yet to be done. Simple when you have to click on the layer with video and below you have to see in the adjust option. Where do you get the adjust option. You go to it, there you click on sharpen and sharpen it, now here your video is ready in 4K.

My journey video editing

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