Biker cc effect alight motion

Biker cc effect alight motion – Bikers c.c effect This is a Video edifing effect. With which you can edit your video. Such effect is not found anywhere else. Whatever it is, I have made it myself. So that all of you can use it easily. Friends, this is a preset. This is the preset of alight motion. In this you can do your video editing. Friends, look at this preset. It is given in xml. so you can use it easily

Biker cc effect alight motion

First of all, you should know why the bikers have been given freset. It is given so that you can do your video editing. Friends, you have to edit your bike video using this simple preset. Many bikers use this preset. See if you follow them. Then you will definitely get to see such videos. What happens in his videos. This effect happens. And there are different colors in it.  this color you You can also change it by putting it in your video. You will be told when using the preset. How can you do this?

Install alight motion appliaction

Simply download it before using it. After that you have to download the application. You can download it for free from playstore. If you want to dawnload from playstore, then it will be safe to do it from there. See, you have to open it from Simple and go to the template option. There you have to upload the video by going to the option of Upload XML. You will get written while uploading xml. Continue to main editor as you click on it. You can see all the layers. Now you have to upload your video here. Since we have to edit our video here, we will simply upload it. So you will get plus. by clicking on it you Have to add your new video. Now when you add the video, it will be on top of all the layers. When it will be above – then you will see any effect
Will not get Then they will say that it is not working. So it is not like that at all. You will find three lines on the right side of the video. You have to keep tax on that. Below

Biker cc effect alight motion
Biker cc effect alight motion

How to download Biker cc effect alight motion

Have to keep sliding towards. When you will take the lowest. So you will get simple effect on your video.

But the same color effect will not come, for that simply click on the video and go to the effect. There you have to select Channel Remap. This is what With the help of this, the effect of changing the color of your video will be done by changing the RGB in it.

Look according to the way it has been mentioned in the article. You must have understood. I have given its Xme file below. You can download it by clicking on it.

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